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💻 My favourite tech

- Antigua, Guatemala

Thought I’d change it up this week and talk about tech. Specifically the tech I enjoy using most.

🔪 A killer frontend stack

Ok I kid.

🗡 The real killer frontend stack

Been eager to try out next.js too. The route pre-fetching looks sweet.

🧰 Useful NPM packages

🌋 + ☕ = 👩‍💻

On another note how good is coffee right? Despite the situation I love that I can get mine from frickin volcanos.

🎨 Delightful designs with Tailwind CSS

I was sceptical at first too but you have to try it to see the benefits. It’s worth it, trust me.

💈 Let’s talk servers

👓 Quick update

Want more tech summaries like this or a run down of how I built previous projects? Get in contact and let me know!