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🎭 Marketing?

- Antigua, Guatemala

My only goal this week was to do more marketing (that’s 2 weeks in a row for those counting at home) but…

I just couldn’t do it.

📰 Marketing? How about no.

I said fuck it and built the Firefox extension instead.

🦊 Panda Snap: FF edition

Thankfully it’s close. Expect the FF edition this week!

👩‍💻 Marketing? How about code.

This sounds way more fun to me and I want in.

I plan to open source my masonry grid soon. Stay tuned.

😵 Old mate Tim

Is there a lesson to be learned here?

🧪 Marketing? How about experiments.

I’m way more excited by this. Tune in for results next week.

🍕 Tasty designs I found

Any graphic designers in the house? I love this eye catching froyo design. (Bonus: see how it was made)

Plain yet playful. Muted yet colourful. This landing page is 🔥.

Is this page simple? Yes, but I dig it.