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🧠 I'm complicated

- Antigua, Guatemala

I’m a coding addict. I code too much and complicate things. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so, unless you want to make money…

⬜ Minimalism, can you dig it?

I’ve invented the KIMM principal - “Keep it minimal man”

🎁 I promised you photos

So what did I do since Wednesday? Well I updated Panda Snap of course!

Infinite scroll is here! Ships with juicy animations, search, and tag filtering too.

Log-in on the site and the extension ‘just works’. It’s part of the improved onboarding.

Gotta have About + Changelog pages right?

It’s LIVE too! So sign-up and check it all out 🤙

🧭 What about this week bru?

🧠 Rethinking my workflow

🛸 It’s been 6 months already?!

I’m halfway through my year of start-ups. Crazy right?

🤯 Random free ideas

🍕 (Bonus) Tasty designs I found

Panda Snap is all about inspiring designs so why not promote them?

I love the colourful design of this cool app I found

I have no idea what they do but their web design is f’ing tasty

The name’s quite funny but pingr looks great