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Icing Addict - How I built it

I launched my first product! What is it and why did I build it?
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May 2020

I’ve been building my new game Icing Addict over the past month and it’s now live! Check it out below!

The Backstory

Ever seen these types of videos? They’re quite fun to watch and get pretty popular. This is essentially the concept of my game, but the reason I made the game is quite unexpected.

Last year I was midway through a year long journey in Mexico. I was travelling by bus in the southern Mexico and had 10 hours to kill - I decided to get coding. I was trying to create an algorithm to smooth lines and ended up animating it by accident. The result felt like I was drawing with something sticky. It felt like icing a cookie! I immediately thought of those gifs and figured it’d make a fun game.

Cut back to 2 months ago when I was placed under quarantine in Guatemala as a precautionary measure. I suddenly had more time for projects and decided to make something. Now if people were stuck inside they’d want to kill time right? I though perhaps that icing idea would be cool. Well I spent the past month making it, and it’s finally here!

Screenshot of the app in action

The App

What’s it built with?

Sugar, ice, and everything nice! Nah actually it’s built using Flutter. There’s an SQLite DB and a bit of Firestore usage too.

I wanted to learn something new and Flutter always looked promising to me. I wasn’t sure if it would support custom game graphics but in the end it was great. I reckon there’s some cool tech in my game so I’ll be posting more articles on that soon.

Some future topics I’ll write about will be:

In the end it took the full month to design, develop, and release. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I kept tweaking it and adding stuff. Overall I’m pretty proud of it. I think it could be more fun but I dig it so far.

Screenshot of the app in action

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the app, why I included them, and how I plan to monetise the app overall:

Screenshot of the app in action

The Launch

Check out my other post for more info on how I launched it, what happened, and what am I building this month.