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Month #1 Update

Building and launching my first product
April 2020
Antigua, Guatemala

This is one of my monthly recaps of my 12 startups in 12 months project.

Alright, 1 month in! I’m writing this retrospectively from month 2 since I only came up with the idea then.

So what did I do again?

Things I built

I basically spent the entire month developing my first app - Icing Addict. Check it out here.

Project photo
Icing Addict

I remember I set goals with my mom to release a mini-version every week. That worked well to keep me motivated.

I was also able to test the app with family and friends to get good feedback before launch.

I definitely worked a lot this month given the lockdown situation here. It’s been fun but should take it more slowly.

Things I did

I listened to a LOT of Indie Hacker podcasts.

I got into a routine where I would listen to it whilst cooking breakfast, playing some Call of Duty, and showering.

I listen at 2x speed for got through like 2 a day. Very inspirational 👌

I also read a number of system design papers in the same vein as Google’s MapReduce. I can’t remember which others unfortunately.

I got into cooking and discovered how delicious pumpkin and carrot pancakes are!

Things I learned

I had always been a wantrepreneur but never took the plunge before this project. Because of that, this month was a great learning experience in all things business.

Just by starting this project I ended up consuming a lot of businessy related content.

Listening to the Indie Hacker podcast was great because it’s really focuses on me as a niche - developers who want to start businesses.

I don’t remember the specifics, but I think my mindset changed from this:

To this:

Some of these I’ve definitely taken to heart in my second month.

Monthly stats

Everything: 0

This month was all about starting so I have nothing to show for it.

I supposed I was also nervous to post before I had built something. This definitely changed in month #2.

I’m just happy I finally started! I’m keen for a productive year and ready to learn a lot.